Life is nothing without passion. And mine just so happens to be sick lights and killer sound.

My name is Ryan. I am a Marine veteran who continues to serve my country by day working on helicopters for the Navy.  By night, I bring events to light using LEDs. 

Full Production LED started as a tribute show to EDM legend Deadmau5. My wife and I still perform dance music tributes, hitting the stage often as Robot Rok, a Daft Punk tribute. 

As the business has expanded into a full blown LED display rental and production operation we continue to bring integrity, trust and commitment into everything we do.

Whether I’m onstage or being the scenes, produces LED experiences feeds my creative soul.

At their core, LEDs are just plain awesome. We pride ourselves on providing the technology and production to take your event to the next level. I can guarantee you’ve never seen and LED panel setup quite like ours. Our equipment is on par with what’s used at nationally recognized concert venues and music festivals.

We are a full service LED panel rental and production company, providing custom LED display setups, stage production, sound, DJ and VJ services for truly full production entertainment.